WASS – Chapter 39

In this chapter, Chu Xun is being a total stupid jerk here…. Aaaand, it’s kinda been a long time issue but this translation project is not edited (editor got lazy around chapter 12) so there will be errors here and there. Thanks to those that correct me and thanks for bearing with my amateur work.
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WASS – Chapter 34

Hello again! Sorry, this week there will be only one chapter (the second one is longer than the usual so I can’t finish it in time). Anyway, this time we will be reading some the Crown Prince’s blind date sessions~ They are funny but for the first date, I almost flipped my mouse. Damn both you Eldest Young Miss of Prime Minister and Chu Xun, why torture my brain with those poems? Therefore, please forgive me if I couldn’t do justice for those poems. My brain is not well with these poetic words. Continue reading