What an Audacious and Sly Servant!

Original Title: 大胆刁奴!

Writer: 北门南牙 (Bei Men Nan Ya)

Status: 121 chapters (Raw completed)


There was a prominent old martial arts family which in the hundred years would give birth only to males, never a girl. Finally, one day, a girl was born. She was a tassel blower among ten thousand green groves. Ultimately, she turned into an agile and brave tomboy!

There was also an imperial descendant who his old father had six princesses. His father was just short of a son to inherit the throne. Finally, one day, he got a bastard son who was his youngest child. With countless spoiling, in the end that son was brought up into a universally unmatched egomania!

Zhen as the nation’s number one beauty, as the nation only first class figure, obviously needs to have a professional bodyguard constantly at our side for protection. That will be you, the iron-willed female King Kong pretending to be a little eunuch.

Translator notes:

Just read through the first chapter and it really hooked me up. It was really hilarious (for me). Quite interesting to read. It is a casual reading type so don’t expect a story with no plot holes. Chapter titles are subject to change. By the way, I translate as I read so I don’t know much spoiler.

Current Update Schedule: 1 or 2 chapter(s) on Sunday 9:00 a.m. GMT+8

First Half Arc: Wander of Youth

Chapter 1: Son-Praying

Chapter 2: The Seven Mei Sons, All Valorous

Chapter 3: The Tsundere Crown Prince

Chapter 4: A Talented Type Idol

Chapter 5: A Cold, Sharp-tongued King

Chapter 6: The Principle of Ruler and Subject

Chapter 7: A Heartfelt Advice May Offend the Ear, Good Medicine Tastes Bitter

Chapter 8: Going Out of the Palace

Chapter 9: Professional in Selling Off Own Team

Chapter 10: Night Chat

Chapter 11: Peeping Servant, Crazy Demonesses

Chapter 12: The Path of No Return

Chapter 13: A Brief Interlude

Chapter 14: The Fascinating Crown Prince

Chapter 15: Unexpectedly

Chapter 16: There is a Nunnery on the Mountain

Chapter 17: Midnight

Chapter 18: The Shitty Youth

Chapter 19: The Crown Prince’s Guess

Chapter 20: The Rumoured Boss

Chapter 21: Prostitution

Chapter 22: Mystery Unveiled

Chapter 23: A Dream

Chapter 24: Second-rated Nunnery

Chapter 25: Waiting for the Windfall

Chapter 26: Gathering Views of the Landscape Reminds One of Distant Thought

Chapter 27: Returned to the Palace

Chapter 28: Things in Pair

Chapter 29: Surging Like a Gathering Storm when Outstanding People Meet

Chapter 30: The Crown Prince and Dog

Chapter 31: Brought to a Temporary Close

Chapter 32: An Evil Plot

Chapter 33: The Crown Prince has Happiness

Chapter 34: Blind Date (First Half)

Chapter 35: Blind Date (Second Half)

Chapter 36: The Wilderness

Chapter 37: Giving a Plum in Return for a Peach

Chapter 38: Money

Chapter 39: Sudden Change

Chapter 40: Tsundere

Chapter 41: What are You Doing? Let Go

Chapter 42: The Thousand Autumns Mirror

Chapter 43: The Cherished Person

Chapter 44: The Life at the Countryside

Chapter 45: The Professional Pig-dad

Chapter 46: The Stupefied Crown Prince

Chapter 47: Laofu‘s Girly Heart

Chapter 48: A Heaven-sent Fortune

Chapter 49: Stay Behind

Chapter 50: Realisation

Chapter 51: The Undercurrent Surge

Chapter 52: Whispers at Midnight

Chapter 53: Emergency from the Northern Border

Chapter 54: Spinning Silk from Cocoons

Chapter 55: Pledge

Chapter 56: The Grieving One

Chapter 57: Making a Wager

Chapter 58: Inviting the Divine Physician Again

Chapter 59: Combination

Chapter 60: Probing

Chapter 61: Indecent Hoodlum

Chapter 62: The Little Abbess

Chapter 63: Qian Deng has yet to be Found

Second Half Arc: Using Up a Thousand Fragrants

Chapter 64: A Haunted Place

Chapter 65: The Promised Land

Chapter 66: Disfigured

Chapter 67: Robbing Money

Chapter 68: Regret Not Meeting Earlier

Chapter 69: [spoiler title]

Chapter 70: Fox Tail